How painful is a tooth implant in Norfolk VA?

Teeth are a very important part of the human body. So, it’s wise to take care of them. A tooth implant replaces a missing tooth during a surgical procedure. A dentist implants a post into the patient’s jawbone with a replacement tooth in place of the former tooth. Implants are made of titanium to provide support. While some patients experience discomfort from a tooth implant procedure, they can be relatively painless.


To perform the implant procedure a dentist drills a small hole into the jawbone where the tooth implant will go. A titanium post is then inserted into the hole. The post is allowed to heal and fuse with the jawbone for a few months. After the healing process, the post becomes an anchor for the replacement tooth or bridge.

Pain levels

Whether or not to get a tooth implant depends on several factors. One of these is the amount of pain that may occur during and after the implant procedure.

The good news is that pain levels vary from person to person, and some people don’t experience any pain at all. For others, the pain may be moderate but manageable. However, there are a few people who report experiencing significant levels of pain during and after the implant procedure.

If you’re worried about how much pain you might experience, it’s important to talk to your dentist about your concerns. Your dentist can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of getting a tooth implant, so you know how much pain to expect.

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If you’ve decided to get a tooth implant, it’s a great option for replacing your missing or damaged tooth. It is a surgical procedure, however, and recovery is a process. Be sure to follow your dentist’s specific instructions for post-operative care.

One caution is to avoid biting down on food that is hard or crunchy for a few weeks following surgery. Examples are nuts, carrots, and apples. Additionally, you want to be gentle when brushing your teeth. Rigorous brushing can delay healing by irritating the implant area.

Recovery time

The implant process is neither quick nor straightforward. It can take some time for the implant to integrate with your jawbone. Realistically, the entire process can last anywhere from six to twelve months. So be patient with your own healing. There is no set timeline. It can vary from person to person. Factors that contribute to the healing process are your overall health and how receptive your body is to the implant procedure.


The price of tooth implants varies, so call your oral surgeon to learn more. The cost of your implant will depend on which kind of implant you decide on, and the materials used. For example, the cost will be based on whether gold or titanium is used to create the implant. For patients with dental insurance, your coverage may cover some or all the implant cost.

Tooth implants in Norfolk, VA

If you are in need of a tooth replacement, dental implants may be the right option for you. If you live in the Norfolk, Virginia area and are considering dental implants, you have many options to choose from.  Be sure to go online and research dental practices in one of the following neighborhoods:

  • Suburban Park
  • Titustown
  • Ocean View
  • Bayview
  • Berkley
  • Campostella
  • Zion Grace

You may be wondering how painful a tooth implant is in Norfolk VA. You will find a great selection of Norfolk, VA dentists that will work with you to ensure you receive the best care for your implant experience. 


To summarize, tooth implants are an excellent choice for replacing broken or missing teeth. Implants help to restore your natural smile. Even though some pain can be expected from the process, it’s a great choice in the long run. If you’re wondering if an implant is right for you, call Eastern Virginia Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in Norfolk, VA to learn what the procedure consists of and what to expect.