Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

All of our patients are asked to have a consultation visit. This appointment will consist of a thorough review of your current problem and medical history, followed by an examination, review of x-rays, and an explanation of your diagnosis and treatment options. This is an important visit during which you can discuss with your doctor any questions or concerns you have about his treatment recommendations. Often a screening x-ray is requested. This is called a panoramic radiograph. It is a specialized x-ray which shows the upper and lower jaw structures, including the jaw joints and air sinuses. It will also give information regarding nerve tracts in your lower jaw, impacted teeth, and potential areas of pathology in the jaw regions. It is important that these x-rays are current and can be taken in our office for your convenience.

Once all of the clinical and x-ray results are reviewed, a treatment plan designed specifically for you will be discussed in detail. Most surgeries can be performed safely and effectively in the office setting. Patients have the option of IV sedation, nitrous oxide sedation, or local anesthesia. On occasion, when certain medical conditions warrant it, procedures may be performed in the hospital setting as an outpatient or inpatient.

Surgical consents will also be outlined at the consultation visit. This gives the doctor an opportunity to discuss the procedures in detail and review any potential risks or complications that are associated with your surgery.

In addition, a financial discussion will take place so that we may review your insurance benefits, and financial resposibilities will be outlined. We will do this before your treatment is rendered for your convenience.

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Please provide the following information at the time of your visit:

  • Referral letter/form from your general dentist
  • Insurance information
  • X-rays (if available)
  • A list of your current medications
  • Completed Health Summary Form (see below)
  • Completed Registration Form (see below)

IMPORTANT: All patients under the age of 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parental guardian at their visit.

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