How Do I Afford Dental Implants Norfolk VA

In Norfolk VA there are a number of ways to afford dental implants. If you have dental insurance, look into coverage options to alleviate some of the expense. Another option is to get a loan to cover the cost of your implants. Financing options are available too. Finally, government assistance programs exist to help you cover the cost of your implants.

What’s the Cheapest Way to Fix My Teeth?

When you’re dealing with a problematic tooth, an extraction costs on average between $99-$650.

An extraction can be used to eliminate an unhealthy tooth and prepare your mouth for a dental implant. It shouldn’t be used as your primary treatment, however. It’s essential to replace the extracted tooth to prevent your oral health from beginning to deteriorate.

Dentures cost between $395 and $1,500. They may seem like the cheapest way to fix your teeth. This cost doesn’t reflect the price of extra dental work you may need due to jawbone loss. It doesn’t account for the negative impact on your quality of life either.

Many dentures slip, making it difficult for you to eat, speak, and smile properly. Dentures also neglect to properly stimulate your jawbone like real teeth. This results in bone loss which affects your oral health and facial structure.


How Much Are the Cheapest Dental Implants?

The cost of dental implants varies, but the cheapest implants range from $1,000 to $3,000.


Where is the Cheapest Place in the World for Dental Implants?

The cheapest place in the world for dental implants is usually Mexico, Thailand, or Costa Rica.

It isn’t practical for most patients to leave the country for a procedure that requires multiple appointments. Any savings are quickly eroded by travel expenses and time away from work.

Should something go awry, the cost of fixing the issue can cause the price of dental implants to rapidly exceed any savings.


What are the Benefits of Affordable Dental Implants?

Affordable dental implants have multiple advantages that help you optimize your dental health.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Enhancing your oral health: dental implants don’t require any changes to surrounding teeth. This way you get to keep your own teeth healthy and intact.
  • Preventing bone loss: without a tooth root to stimulate the jawbone, your jawbone will begin to recede. This recession reduces the amount of support for your other teeth. Your face will prematurely look older. You’re also more likely to lose other teeth because they don’t have ample support.
  • Adding convenience to your lifestyle: since dental implants stay in your mouth, you don’t have to worry about removing them or putting them in. They function just like your own teeth.
  • Improving your confidence: dental implants look like your natural teeth, helping you restore your smile and overall appearance.


Factors That Impact the Cost of an Implant

There are a few factors that affect the price of an implant, including:

  • The number of implants: multiple implants cost more than a single implant
  • Whether you need bone grafting: if your teeth have been missing for a while, you may need a bone graft. This would ensure your implants have ample amounts of jawbone to support them
  • The materials used for the implants: some materials are pricier than other alternatives
  • Your dentist or surgeon’s preferred techniques: some surgical techniques to place dental implants are more affordable. They are also easier to customize to your dental needs


Affordable Dental Implants in Norfolk VA

Affordable dental implants are available in Norfolk, VA. By doing an internet search for qualified dentists in Norfolk, VA you will find a wide selection in these neighborhoods:

  • Downtown
  • Ocean View
  • Ghent
  • East Beach
  • Fleet
  • Neon District
  • Janaf

Ask your friends and family members if they can refer you to a dental practice that has the qualifications you’re looking for. When you are ready to start contacting dentists, make sure they will accept your dental insurance.

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How Can Eastern Virginia Offer the Most Affordable Dental Implants?

At Eastern Virginia, we use an FDA-approved surgical approach called Yomi®. Yomi® is a robot-guided system that makes it easier to place your dental implants. Furthermore, this innovative procedure allows us to properly place your implant in a shorter amount of time. The results are natural, and the procedure is less invasive than other placement techniques.

Patients are less likely to experience complications or need a lengthy, involved procedure to place their dental implants. This allows us to offer the most affordable dental implants for patients seeking to maximize their dental health and wellbeing.



What is the Downside of Dental Implants?

One of the biggest downsides of dental implants is the upfront cost when compared to other alternatives. At Eastern Virginia, we believe the cost of dental implants is worth it and more economical in the long run.

A dental implant can last the rest of your life when properly cared for. It also functions like a real tooth, encouraging your jawbone to retain its bone density. This optimizes your oral health and keeps your face looking youthful.

Another downside of dental implants is that the procedure takes time and multiple appointments. Once your tooth root implant is placed, it takes 6-12 weeks for your jawbone to heal.

Eastern Virginia uses robotic-assisted surgical techniques to expedite the healing process. This technology allows us to place your implant as quickly as possible.


How to Learn More About Affordable Dental Implants

If you’re wondering “How do I afford dental implants Norfolk VA” call us at 757-489-1511 (our Norfolk location). Or, visit our dental implant page to get started.